Dine & Design Menu

Designer Menu

“Throwback” Lemon Pepper Wings ~Dry or wet~

Your choice of Lemon Pepper wings prepared extra saucy or with a dry rub.

Ready or not “henny” wings

Our popular Henny wings are prepared with an inspired henny smoky BBQ sauce that will blow your taste buds away!

“Sebastian” Crab Cakes

Wild caught crab meat prepared into mini crab cakes and fried to perfection.

The “Krusty Krab” Sliders

Seasoned beef mini patties prepared with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and our signature sauce.

“Uptown” Mac & Cheese

Our delicious macaroni and cheese made with 5 different signature cheeses.

“The Hangover” Cheese Dip with Nachos

Our popular cheese dip is made with our secret cheese sauce with ground beef and jalapenos on the side, plus nachos.

“Cow-N-Chicken” Alfredo

No cow, just our famous chicken alfredo prepared with a white Cajun cream sauce and seared chicken breast; served over Penne Pasta.

“BUBBA GUMP” Shrimp Alfredo

Don’t we all love Forrest Gump? Our Bubba Gump Shrimp is a Cajun inspired alfredo prepared with bell peppers and a Cajun white cream sauce; served over Penne Pasta.

“HOME ALONE” Veggie Pasta

No one wants to be home alone! So, serve up some comfort food at your paint and sip event. Our veggie pasta is prepared with a rainbow of vegetables and our signature red sauce served over Penne Pasta.

“Spicy” Spinach Dip

Our spicy cheese dip is prepared with a mixture of parmesan, Cajun spices, spinach, and mozzarella cheese dip baked to perfection.

Boy Meets “Vegan” Rolls

Tex-mex infused egg roll prepared with corn, black beans, and taco spices fried to perfection.

“Let’s have Brunch”

Includes: Chicken and Gourmet Waffle, Hickory smoked bacon and savory scrambled eggs.